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01/06/2014: DocToText version 4.0 released.
DocToText version 4.0 was oficially released today. After introducing PDF, iWork, XLSB, OpenDocument Flat XML and EML (email) this version of utility supports all important document formats on the market. Support for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) in ODF formats added. Win64 is officially supported since this version. Capabilities of C API has been expanded significally. A lot of fixes and improvements, including improvements for multithreaded applications.

08/23/2013: We welcome our new official distributor MiKtel company.

07/17/2013: We welcome our new official distributor POLIGRA company.

03/08/2013: DocToText version 0.14.0 released.
DocToText version 0.14.0 was oficially released today. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format support was introduced in this version. The possibility to retrieve metadata like document author, last modification date or number of pages was added. The new important feature is extracting text from annotations (comments) embedded in odt, doc, docx or rtf files. Some malfunctions were also fixed.

10/19/2012: DocToText version 0.13.0 released.
DocToText version 0.13.0 was oficially released today. This is the first version available for Mac OS X and also the first version available as a C/C++ library in addition to the console application. MS PowerPoint binary format (PPT) support was added. Headers, footers and embedded XLS workbooks in DOC files are supported. Extracting text from OpenDocument and OOXML formats was significally optimized. In addition a lot of bugs were fixed in this version.

09/21/2012: DocStorage version 1.6.0 for Windows released.
DocStorage version 1.6.0 for Windows was oficially released today. A lot of new features have been added since last official version. The most important are: label printing, creating multipage TIFFs from scanned images, splitting documents based on keywords, managing relations between documents, possibility of storing document data in filesystem instead of database, Active Directory integration, build-in previews and thumbnails generator, visual editor of notes, email archiving (support for EML files), simple adhoc workflow. In addition a lot of improvements in user interface were introduced.

06/14/2012: Fixed Assets version 1.9.30 released.
Fixed Assets version 1.9.30 was oficially released today. Several improvements in adding new items, printing documents, labels and browsing history were introduced since last official version 1.9.23.

01/21/2012: Fixed Assets version 1.9.23 released.
Fixed Assets version 1.9.23 was oficially released today. Several important errors was fixed and optimizations perfmormed since last official version 1.9.22. Possibility to configure list of fields that, if changed, cause generating of document confirming change of item localization was introduced.

12/28/2011: Fixed Assets version 1.9.22 released.
Fixed Assets version 1.9.22 was oficially released today. Several important errors was fixed since last official version 1.9.19. Possibility to configure method of operation acceptance was introduced.

06/23/2011: OCR Server version 1.0.4 released.
OCR Server version 1.0.4 was oficially released today. Important error with processing some PDF files was fixed.

06/07/2011: Fixed Assets version 1.9.19 released.
Fixed Assets version 1.9.19 was oficially released today. A lot of changes was introduced since last official version 1.9.13. The most important new features are printing labels on standard ink or laser printers and new redesigned inventory report with a lot of new inventory attributes.