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Discontinued products, closed projects

The following list includes products which are no longer developed or supported. If you want to use them, or are interested in resuming of one of the closed projects, we are ready to discuss it. In this case, please [contact] us.


SILVERCODERS SqlUnify can convert PostgreSQL queries to other dialects (MySQL, FirebirdSQL, MSSQL, Oracle...)! No more problems with supporting different SQL servers in your application! The library is available only as binary packages or as a web-based technology preview. Source code will be available soon (or now on special request). SqlUnify is not supporting subqueries and table-definition queries now but it will support it in next versions.


SILVERCODERS T-Script is a scripting language which primary purpose is to generate text files. It can be useful for processing template files based on some additional data retrieved from data sources like sql databases or other text files. T-Script can be easly embedded into your application and work with it's internal data.

DVD Backup

SILVERCODERS DVD Backup is an unix shell script providing functionality for creating differential backups of files and databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL) on DVD discs. DVD Backup supports multisession and incremental backups. Mail notification is also supported.