Fixed Assets

Full registration of equipment, registration of fixed assets, quick and perfect control inventories

This program stores all necessary data about specified object and notesall modifications using the object history. The objects may be logically associated in sets that improves management of objects like computer workstations or conference equipment. Data may be updated directly using a computer and barcode readers or mobile terminals. It is very simple to specify inventory commission teams, send necessary data to mobile terminal, perform control inventory or nature inventory and create necessary reports including differences reports. Lack of traditional documents practically excludes possibility of occurrence of mistakes and inaccuracies. Professional registration of fixed assets is at your fingertips


Comfortable and clear access to the information

This system enables getting all information about every object within any period of time, observing objects migration across locations, getting inventory reports of particular commissions and collective reports of location changes. Current objects data is presented in clear tables, in the way that is easly to imagine for everyone using typical programs such as a spreadsheet, that significally speeds the implementation process up.

Safety of your data

Information stored in system is protected against access and incidental or intentional modification by unauthorized persons. There is a possibility to manage list of users and user groups and to setup their rights. Operations performed by users are monitored and strictly associated with their indentificators. When a suspected situation or reports manipulation trial appears you may easily find people responsible for it.

Working in the network is possible

This program may work in the network, that makes performing all operations on many computers by many users simultaneously possible. Central supervision over system operation is possible. Working on many computers does not rise cost significantly. There is an option of cooperation with freeware PostgreSQL and FirebirdSQL database servers. Of course other popular products like Microsoft SQL Server are supported as well, that gives you the ability to use already purchased licences.

System is adapted to individual needs

The kind and character of stored objects data is a result of requirements and needs of a particular company defined at implementation part. Individual elements are licensed independently, their cost depends on size of the database and number of workstations. It gives the possibility to limit total cost of implementation by eliminating unnecessary elements and calibrating system to size of a specific company.

Accounting module

Program enables performing tax and balance depreciation of fixed assets using all accounting rules related to changes of fixed asset value. All changes in any of item accounting parameters or value of depreciation are automatically registered. Accounting module includes functionality of printing accounting documents such as OT, MW, Ms, LT and functionality of printing accounting sheets and balance reports (e.g. F-03) for given period of time.

Popular and rewarded software

Presented program won a prize of Grand Prix of International Fair of Logistic and Management - Logistic 2002 in category of automatically stored data. Current or older verions of the program or its elements are being implemented or in many companies and institutions.

Free version of our application is available. The registration system can store up to 500 objects without the licence key. It is enough to use program in small company or evaluate basic functions before the purchase.

Durable Equipment Database System can find an excellent complement in the DocStorage application. DocStorage gives you the ability to manage documents in your company easily and clearly. There is often a need to attach a photo, invoice, guarantee or other document to registered element. This is possible using these two programs. Big advantage of this pair is simplicity of usage, that meets with our clients approval and force out other similar programs. More about DocStorage.

Besides implementation and configuration of software and adaptation to individual needs we offer our clients comprehensive trainings in using the program. Moreover we provide technical support, which besides our assistance in the area of using software gives possibility to access to the newest version of the program.

After place an order for our program You don't take care about hardware and software, because we will do it.

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