compare SQL databases, synchronize it

SILVERCODERS SqlSync utility gives you the ability to compare data stored in two SQL databases, and synchronize it. Results contain list of records that differ, records that are missing and records that are additional. SqlSync can generate SQL queries that will change second database in such a way, that it will be identical to first database.Generated queries can be executed automatically. It will synchronize selected objects in databases or whole databases.

You can control the process using command line arguments, and results are readable for user, but on the other hand, easy for future processing using shell scripts. There is a C language library included in the package, that allows comparing databases from other applications.

SqlSync supports at least following SQL servers: PostgreSQL 8.1.x, MySQL 5.0.x, FirebirdSQL 1.5.x, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Oracle 10g. Two databases that are being compared can be driven by two different SQL servers.

You can read an article about this program on linux.com.

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