Microsoft Office and other files can become corrupted and/or unopenable in a number of different ways. The corruption can occur if the application crashes, if Windows crashes, if the file is infected with a macro virus, if the actual sectors on the disk become unreadable, power outages etc.

The most common type of file corruption issues faced by users is MS Office file corruption. Microsoft Office programs are finicky about file structure so when you try to open the file again, you can get an error and the file won't open even though most or all of your data and formatting are still contained in it. More rarely the file will open but the data will appear garbled.

Let our experts, that put in a lot of hours researching these issues, help you. If you need help, we charge constant price for any size file no matter how long it takes.

We can help you to:

• Analyze the problem (corrupted office document or other file)
• Recover data if it is possible
• Extract at least plain text from document if full recovery is not possible

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